Who are the masons?

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Freemasonry is an organic institution of morality. Its purposes are to combat vice, dispel ignorance and inspire a love for humanity. Its symbolic representation is the square and the compass. The square is the emblem of the fixity and stability that govern physical laws or the material kingdom. Therefore, the square is a symbol of the crucifixion from which the human being must free himself, directing all his efforts towards that end. It is also a symbol of the struggles, of the contrasts, of the inharmonies that must be faced and resolved in the material world. The compass represents the comprehensive and comparative faculty of our mind (reason) with which one progressively arrives from the relative to the absolute. It also represents logic, judgment, and concrete or rational intelligence. So, Freemasonry using the compass and the square reaches the knowledge of the truth that frees us from the illusion to which we belong.

Esoteric meaning of metals

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Copper: It is close to gold due to its color and whose alloy hardens and strengthens it, being the favorite in artistic works due to its malleability and conservation, which is thus preserved through the centuries. It is emblematic of love and of all creative capacity and productive fertility; but it degenerates into vice and particularly into lust.
Gold: Spiritual and incorruptible principle of faith, dignity, value, nobility and elevation. It can degenerate into pride, arrogance and vanity.
Silver: It is close to gold, although it does not achieve its perfection. It is the emblem of hope and mystical illumination, however, its assimilative tendencies degenerate into greed and avarice.
Mercury: Reflects the other metals, amalgamating with all of them and thus assimilating their respective virtues and defects. It represents wisdom, balance, measure and temperance. Produces the cardinal sin of envy.
Tin: is the cohesive force capable of linking advantageously with others. It represents justice and benevolence. However, he degenerates through his external propensities, into greed and the vice of gluttony or gluttony.
Plumb: The heaviest of all, it is a natural emblem of prudence and concentration on oneself, of austerity, of severity, of isolation, of patience and firmness, of prudence and perseverance. It degenerates into fear and worry, anxiety, selfishness and laziness.
Iron: It is the metal of strength, extremely useful in all work and construction activities. It tends to produce the excesses of anger and violence. Just as it dominates in all destructive fury of war.

Esoteric symbology number 3

We will begin this little work with the trinity of the hours, daughters of the night, or material contingency. Clotho: The spinner from which the thread of existence originates, representing everything that is potentially in it. relating to the place or condition “Where we come from.” Lachesis: Through whose hands every section of the thread of life passes, presiding over the current and causal development of events, in which “Who we are” must be demonstrated. And Atropos: In whose hands is delivered everything that has happened to us, and the result of our actions. As a seed of what awaits us, determining “Where we go.” The latter is the one who has to cut with her fateful scissors, the thread of life. When the being has reached its maturity, and the violations of the law do not allow its further extension.
The three furies or Erminedes: They are, it can be said, the antithesis of graces or their negative counterpart. Alecto: The one that never rests, producing rajasic fury, restlessness, and vindictive passion. Tisiphone: The blind or tamasic hatred, terrors, and remorse of the soul that accompanies the murderer. Megara: The demon of sattvic envy. When she governs man, she constantly drives him away from the possession and fruition of goods.
The three Gorgons: Medusa, Steno and Eriagle. They are emblematic of the mysterious forces that lie dormant in our subconscious selves, our own negative tendencies. Fears, anxieties and illusions, which, like Perseus, we have to overcome by not listening to them or looking at them. Cutting off their heads with the sword of wisdom.
Passing from the realm of mythology to that of nature, we find another trinity in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. They represent three degrees of evolution: Form, Life, and Consciousness.
In minerals, geometric form is accompanied by inorganic life and obscured consciousness.
In vegetables. The form moves away from that geometric rigidity and becomes plastic and responsive. Obeying the organic life that manifests a still rudimentary conscience.
In animals, the principle of consciousness, which expresses itself as sensation, action, and reaction, finally prevails and emerges in a position of dominance. His form and his life are adapted by that expression.
The past: That corresponds to the foundations of the building of existence and the roots of being. It is important to us insofar as it confronts us with the problem of origins and constitutes our spiritual and material heritage.
The present: It is the one that relates us to our duties and responsibilities, as well as to the work or activity that constitutes our constant current opportunity.
The future: Goal of our efforts and aspirations, and it is the one that relates us to our destiny—giving use; power to overcome fatality, which is the heritage of our past, and leading us towards an ever higher-end, which always recedes and approaches.

Thought formS

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Anyone who creates a form remains tied to his work, even when destined for another. If a man determines to cause some harm to another, whether in thought, word, or deed. He puts something in the world, visible or not, that is to say, physical or ethereal, that has its energy, vitality. This energy will continue to develop and work in the direction you impose. The effects that he will produce on that person will depend on the psychic structure of the same and may cause great or small damage or none at all. Well, the state of mind is the only thing that he decides. But the form will return because it remains inseparably linked to what I created it. What after a more or less long pilgrimage through the universe will flow back over it, reinforced by the attraction of related species.
This means that we must keep our thoughts pure and forgive grievances; sooner or later, the person who bothers us will be annoyed too.

The cross and the Rose

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From the most remote antiquity, the cross has been a sacred symbol since it is found in all the monuments of the world—both in Egypt, Assyria, and India, and Persia and Mexico. The peculiar meaning of this symbol is precisely that given by ancient Egypt of Toth or Phtha, who is represented in the oldest monuments carrying the Ansata or tau cross in his hand, with a ring on top, representing the hieroglyph of life. that preceded by a triangle means “life-giving.”
The Rose was formerly consecrated at dawn and the sun. And it is a symbol of dawn and resurrection, of light and renewal of life. The cross and the rose together hieroglyphically mean—the dawn of eternal life and the advent of a savior awaited by all nations.
The letters I.N.R.I.
The initials of the inscription that was placed on the cross of Christ: “Iesue Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum.” The wise men of old believed that these letters symbolized one of the greatest secrets of nature. That of universal regeneration, and they interpreted it this way. “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra” (nature is renewed by fire)
Alchemists and Hermetic Masons deduced this aphorism from them. “Igne Nitrum Roris Invenitur” these letters are the initials of the Hebrew words that represent the four elements. Iammim: sea – Nour: fire – Ruach: air – Iebeschah: earth.
Symbolizing the final triumph of truth over falsehood, of life over death, of good over evil.

Power and Misery

Sometimes I think that countries that are focused on the race for power are investing in the wrong areas. They all want to have global military supremacy and for this they invest billions in that cause, however they do not realize that all that has changed. Now military power does not win battles, nor does it get you out of trouble. We are entering a higher stage of warfare, destroying souls with cold silence and purpose. Its name is biological warfare. No noise, but much more deadly than all the wars in the world. Hopefully we realize in time, that the world does not need battles, but understandings, it does not need fear, but altruistic thoughts.

Talion’s Grief

Whoever kills with a sword will die with a sword. Christ said! And these words can be translated like this. He who has shed blood will see his bloodshed. The one who has despoiled will be it too. The one who has brought the incendiary torch to another’s house will see it applied to his own. He who has enslaved and mistreated the weak, he will be weak, enslaved and mistreated. He being able to be an individual, a nation, or a race.

Allan Kardec


What is currently happening in the world, comes from the deep shaking that the planet is having, warning us once again that in life only commitment for the collective good is used, not the word that constitutes ambushes that personalize the conscience for a individual purpose.

The universe and science

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Outer space will open to human beings, when they go with the will to be one with the Universe. Meanwhile, they will continue to send ships to explore planets they do not even know, they will continue to invest money in weapons and nuclear warheads to demonstrate who has more power, they will continue to cut down trees and destroy ecosystems, they will continue to thinking about how to eliminate opposites. And the world will continue to suffer, hunger, despair, selfishness, wars, hatred, violence, helplessness, evil, vices and many bad things, the human being may think. And still, they want to conquer planets. To take all those ghosts and vices to innocent planets and destroy them with his egoism. For that reason, until man does not harmonize with his planet, until he understands that all humanity is nothing more than a single race and a single nation. We will continue to explore the universe with a blindfold.

Ancient viruses and bacteria are thawing

For the next few centuries we could face viruses even more lethal than the coronavirus, which is largely responsible for this happening. Humans have talked a lot about global warming, but very few have paid attention to this, resulting in the melting of the polar layers and unearthing, so to speak, viruses and bacteria that have been frozen for thousands of years, bringing Thus diseases still unknown to us, but which in other decades unleashed desolation and death. This virus that we now face, warns us that we must pay more attention to the constant warnings that our planet gives us and protect this our home, otherwise we want to end like many other civilizations before us, plunged into chaos and despair.

Global warming has increased global economic inequality

It is a source of information sought in a virtual library; its classification comes from a secondary source based on the beam model. Its authors are Diffenbaugh, Noah S, an American climate scientist at Stanford University, and Burke, Marshall, an American lawyer. This article was published on May 14, 2019, in the United States National Academy of Sciences. It is intended for students and scholars of the subject.

The authors establish their authority by referring to the fact that the causes of economic inequality have played a primary role inequitable economic development. Therefore, global warming has had a high impact on economic inequality between countries. They refer to global climate models and their relationship with world economic growth, questioning whether global warming has benefited rich countries more than developing countries. They are putting evidence that emerging nations have been harmed by global warming due to the significant energy consumption of wealthy nations. This differs from the reality of global warming since it affects both rich and emerging countries and has no local impact in each country. This source is relevant for my research because I establish levels that help me to define more clearly where I am going in terms of my research.


Diffenbaugh, N. S., & Burke, M. (2019). Global warming has increased global economic inequality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116 (20), 9808–9813. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1816020116