Ancient viruses and bacteria are thawing

For the next few centuries we could face viruses even more lethal than the coronavirus, which is largely responsible for this happening. Humans have talked a lot about global warming, but very few have paid attention to this, resulting in the melting of the polar layers and unearthing, so to speak, viruses and bacteria that have been frozen for thousands of years, bringing Thus diseases still unknown to us, but which in other decades unleashed desolation and death. This virus that we now face, warns us that we must pay more attention to the constant warnings that our planet gives us and protect this our home, otherwise we want to end like many other civilizations before us, plunged into chaos and despair.

Author: leroynoran

Freemason and Rosicrucian

14 thoughts on “Ancient viruses and bacteria are thawing”

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    Don’t worry about the world ending today
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  2. I have read we sometimes evolve to overcome diseases. For example TB. Many people who died from TB were in their childbearing years. The disease was rampant 17th thru 19th centuries. Deaths from TB began to plummet before effective treatments and improved living conditions became available.

    Perhaps the same situation has occurred with many of the old viruses that may be exposed?

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    1. Indeed, our body is an electrochemical-biological entity. therefore the diseases we suffer from can be fought by our body without the need for external factors. everything is in our mind. We are what we think


  3. I often wonder why conservatives are ignoring environmental changes. I also recall that there are people today that complain about President Theodore Roosevelt being instrumental in establishing our nation’s parks. Is the corporate world their only concern? We must concern ourselves with changes that may be part of millennial cycles. These we can only compensate for. But we also are contributors to polluting our world. Right now there are two extremes at loggerheads with one another. And nothing is resolved.

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    1. You are right wayocross, everything is based on the fact that we live in the present, without thinking about tomorrow and leaving our children a problem of ours, which we do not even think about solving. And it is nothing more and nothing less than global warming.


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