The universe and science

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Outer space will open to human beings, when they go with the will to be one with the Universe. Meanwhile, they will continue to send ships to explore planets they do not even know, they will continue to invest money in weapons and nuclear warheads to demonstrate who has more power, they will continue to cut down trees and destroy ecosystems, they will continue to thinking about how to eliminate opposites. And the world will continue to suffer, hunger, despair, selfishness, wars, hatred, violence, helplessness, evil, vices and many bad things, the human being may think. And still, they want to conquer planets. To take all those ghosts and vices to innocent planets and destroy them with his egoism. For that reason, until man does not harmonize with his planet, until he understands that all humanity is nothing more than a single race and a single nation. We will continue to explore the universe with a blindfold.

Author: leroynoran

Freemason and Rosicrucian

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