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Anyone who creates a form remains tied to his work, even when destined for another. If a man determines to cause some harm to another, whether in thought, word, or deed. He puts something in the world, visible or not, that is to say, physical or ethereal, that has its energy, vitality. This energy will continue to develop and work in the direction you impose. The effects that he will produce on that person will depend on the psychic structure of the same and may cause great or small damage or none at all. Well, the state of mind is the only thing that he decides. But the form will return because it remains inseparably linked to what I created it. What after a more or less long pilgrimage through the universe will flow back over it, reinforced by the attraction of related species.
This means that we must keep our thoughts pure and forgive grievances; sooner or later, the person who bothers us will be annoyed too.

Author: leroynoran

Freemason and Rosicrucian

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