Esoteric symbology number 3

We will begin this little work with the trinity of the hours, daughters of the night, or material contingency. Clotho: The spinner from which the thread of existence originates, representing everything that is potentially in it. relating to the place or condition “Where we come from.” Lachesis: Through whose hands every section of the thread of life passes, presiding over the current and causal development of events, in which “Who we are” must be demonstrated. And Atropos: In whose hands is delivered everything that has happened to us, and the result of our actions. As a seed of what awaits us, determining “Where we go.” The latter is the one who has to cut with her fateful scissors, the thread of life. When the being has reached its maturity, and the violations of the law do not allow its further extension.
The three furies or Erminedes: They are, it can be said, the antithesis of graces or their negative counterpart. Alecto: The one that never rests, producing rajasic fury, restlessness, and vindictive passion. Tisiphone: The blind or tamasic hatred, terrors, and remorse of the soul that accompanies the murderer. Megara: The demon of sattvic envy. When she governs man, she constantly drives him away from the possession and fruition of goods.
The three Gorgons: Medusa, Steno and Eriagle. They are emblematic of the mysterious forces that lie dormant in our subconscious selves, our own negative tendencies. Fears, anxieties and illusions, which, like Perseus, we have to overcome by not listening to them or looking at them. Cutting off their heads with the sword of wisdom.
Passing from the realm of mythology to that of nature, we find another trinity in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. They represent three degrees of evolution: Form, Life, and Consciousness.
In minerals, geometric form is accompanied by inorganic life and obscured consciousness.
In vegetables. The form moves away from that geometric rigidity and becomes plastic and responsive. Obeying the organic life that manifests a still rudimentary conscience.
In animals, the principle of consciousness, which expresses itself as sensation, action, and reaction, finally prevails and emerges in a position of dominance. His form and his life are adapted by that expression.
The past: That corresponds to the foundations of the building of existence and the roots of being. It is important to us insofar as it confronts us with the problem of origins and constitutes our spiritual and material heritage.
The present: It is the one that relates us to our duties and responsibilities, as well as to the work or activity that constitutes our constant current opportunity.
The future: Goal of our efforts and aspirations, and it is the one that relates us to our destiny—giving use; power to overcome fatality, which is the heritage of our past, and leading us towards an ever higher-end, which always recedes and approaches.

Author: leroynoran

Freemason and Rosicrucian

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