Esoteric meaning of metals

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Copper: It is close to gold due to its color and whose alloy hardens and strengthens it, being the favorite in artistic works due to its malleability and conservation, which is thus preserved through the centuries. It is emblematic of love and of all creative capacity and productive fertility; but it degenerates into vice and particularly into lust.
Gold: Spiritual and incorruptible principle of faith, dignity, value, nobility and elevation. It can degenerate into pride, arrogance and vanity.
Silver: It is close to gold, although it does not achieve its perfection. It is the emblem of hope and mystical illumination, however, its assimilative tendencies degenerate into greed and avarice.
Mercury: Reflects the other metals, amalgamating with all of them and thus assimilating their respective virtues and defects. It represents wisdom, balance, measure and temperance. Produces the cardinal sin of envy.
Tin: is the cohesive force capable of linking advantageously with others. It represents justice and benevolence. However, he degenerates through his external propensities, into greed and the vice of gluttony or gluttony.
Plumb: The heaviest of all, it is a natural emblem of prudence and concentration on oneself, of austerity, of severity, of isolation, of patience and firmness, of prudence and perseverance. It degenerates into fear and worry, anxiety, selfishness and laziness.
Iron: It is the metal of strength, extremely useful in all work and construction activities. It tends to produce the excesses of anger and violence. Just as it dominates in all destructive fury of war.

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