Who are the masons?

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Freemasonry is an organic institution of morality. Its purposes are to combat vice, dispel ignorance and inspire a love for humanity. Its symbolic representation is the square and the compass. The square is the emblem of the fixity and stability that govern physical laws or the material kingdom. Therefore, the square is a symbol of the crucifixion from which the human being must free himself, directing all his efforts towards that end. It is also a symbol of the struggles, of the contrasts, of the inharmonies that must be faced and resolved in the material world. The compass represents the comprehensive and comparative faculty of our mind (reason) with which one progressively arrives from the relative to the absolute. It also represents logic, judgment, and concrete or rational intelligence. So, Freemasonry using the compass and the square reaches the knowledge of the truth that frees us from the illusion to which we belong.

Author: leroynoran

Freemason and Rosicrucian

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    1. The link is a good history but does not say anything about the square and crucifixion. I just have never read anything on the two being used together. Did i scan over link to quickly?

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